Of Bonding and Breaking

Kiwha Lee Blocman and Chloe Po’s joint exhibition
Of Bonding and Breaking

NPE Art Residency is pleased to invite you to Kiwha Lee Blocman and Chloe Po’s joint exhibition, Of Bonding And Breaking!

The polarities between bonding and breaking seemingly intertwine in the realm of the art-making process. Although each action is theoretically independent of one another, they unsurprisingly share a unique relationship through the lens of art - in this instance, challenging visual perception vis-a-vis cultural perceptions as well as connecting fantasy with time.

The liminal space between bonding and breaking is where artists Kiwha Lee Blocman and Chloe Po operate. A ‘culture miner’ raised on four continents, Kiwha thrives on original experiments that play on edges and binaries. No stranger to the arts in its myriad expressions and inspirations, her visual language consisting of “glazed color chords” and “shape rhymes” allows one to form individual narratives to the works in harmonious totality. The unexpected interactions within the layers of Kiwha’s paintings are akin to solving a kind of puzzle. Chloe’s fascination with time in fantasy results in a delight of paintings that capture fragmented gestures and sculptures produced from deconstructing fragile materials like tissue and thread. The phenomenological experience of time in dreams is broken down and reconnected in reality by working between abstraction and figuration - critiquing the possibilities of alternating states of consciousness that conditions fantasy and its continuous presence.

Of Bonding and Breaking is interested in fluid interplay and overlaps of key characters over multiple generations as much as it explores the ethereal world created through poetic imagination. This exhibition invites one to question the modus operandi of the images perceived amongst us while also looking within to search for answers in dreams and fantasy.

Come join us for the opening reception with the artists on:
Thurs, 10th Jan 2019 at 6.30pm
39 Kallang Place S(339169)

The exhibition continues 11th Jan 2019 - 8th Mar 2019

All are welcome.